The beauty of colours and shapes of gems and minerals, which has been granted to us by the precious creativity of Nature, expressed through the divine inspiration of the artist, creates fabulous mosaics that touch the deepest part of our being.


Ružica Milenković (maiden name: Klaričić) was born in Vrgorac, Croatia, in February 1972. She graduated from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, in 1996; however, her artistic side prevailed in the years that followed, and she turned towards the beauty in and around her – through jewelry, photography, designing mirrors using a unique art technique.

The areas of her interest are diverse, and her work is well recognized and rewarded by the profession.

She has presented her work to the general public in seven independent exhibitions, and also by taking part in more than twenty domestic and foreign exhibitions with wide range of participants: “Exchange” Bari, Italy, in 2007 and “Settimana Croata” Bari, in 2008, during the Croatian Culture Week, and “Croatian Art & Craft Expo 2”, New York, USA, in 2010, to name a few.

Presently, she lives and works in Zagreb.



Ružica Milenković,
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